Meet Naturopath Tracy Shadbolt

Meet Naturopath Tracy Shadbolt

Posted by Tracy Shadbolt on 6th Mar 2019

My name is Tracy Shadbolt and I live in Beverford, Vic on our property where we grow vegetables on a large scale. I am married to Peter and are a mother of 3 beautiful grown up children all in their early 20’s. I love to read, cook, grow our own organic vegetables, take time out in nature, travel and spend time with family and friends.

I have a background in Nursing, Remedial Massage, Oncology massage and palliative care pastoral care and have recently graduated as a Naturopath through the Australian College of Natural Therapies.

I have always had a love for nature and a curiosity for the healing power of nature which alongside a major personal health crisis led me to studying Naturopathy. Through my studies I have developed a passion to serve others and journey with them through their health concerns and also assisting those who desire to have a better quality of life.

Naturopathy is a celebration of simplicity with the promotion of fresh air, clean water, adequate rest, nutritious food and the use of herbal remedies and nutrition to assist with the bodys self healing process. I have witnessed so many people recover from various health issues (serious and mild) as they take the Naturopathic pathway to healing, balance and wholeness in their life. It is very exciting !

I look forward to working at Modern Natural - to serving, empowering and supporting individuals and families in our community to live happier, healthier and more energetic lives.

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